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April 2023 – Patient Newsletter

Nice Easter

Happy Easter! We hope you had a restful and healthy bank holiday weekend; our practices are now open again as usual and ready to help.

We’d like to take the time to remind our patients that our practices will be closed on 1st May and 8th May bank holidays. However, should you require medical advice during these days, you can find non-urgent care advice for symptoms at or for more specific non-emergency advice you can call 111. Our practice will reopen for business on the following Tuesdays. If you have a medical emergency, please call 999 immediately.

The GP Care Wakefield evening and weekend clinics will be open from 9am – 3pm on bank holidays.

We kindly remind patients to order repeat prescriptions in advance, and for non-urgent issues, please consider using our Online Consultations or visit your local pharmacy.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We wish you all the best for the upcoming bank holiday!

For more information: 

Introducing wellbeing checks

Health Care First practices are rolling out our new wellbeing check as part of our ever-improving patient care.

Wellbeing checks will be replacing our previous long-term condition reviews. These checks will look at the whole of your health not just one single condition. These checks can help you make smart lifestyle choices that could improve your overall health. 

Your first appointment will be with our highly trained Healthcare Assistants, Associate Nurses or Practice Nurses. Your first appointment will involve getting all the facts about your health as well as any necessary tests or checks.

You may be offered a second follow-up check if:

• If your condition seems unstable

• If you have any concerns

You can request a second follow-up check at any time if anything changes.

After your wellbeing check you will:

  • Receive a summary of your care either in a printed copy or sent to your phone or digital device.
  • Any future care needs that require an appointment we will try to book on the day. If this is not possible, you will receive clear instructions in your summary describing what your needs are and what appointments, you will need to book.

You should bring any of the following items to your wellbeing check if they apply to your condition:

  • First urine sample of the day in a white top bottle (or clean sterile container)
  • Any home blood pressure readings
  • Any inhalers that you may use

All patients will be invited by invitation only, please only ask for a appointment once you have received an invite.

Wellbeing checks
Pharmacy First Care

Pharmacy First Care is patient care run by community pharmacists. Community pharmacists can provide quick and effective support for minor illnesses, urgent medication requests and vaccines. 

They can also point you in the direction of other kinds of care that can make it quicker and easier to manage your health like online services or closer to home care.

In many cases Pharmacy First may be able to offer you a same day appointment! 

If you use Pharmacy First Care and you need a higher level of support community pharmacists can escalate your care and refer you to other services.

You might have some questions about Pharmacy First Care, so here are some frequently asked questions:

To book a Pharmacy First Care appointment speak to your practice reception team on 01977 664141.

Pharmacy First Care
Get quicker care with patchs

Here is a quick reminder to all patients that we now offer PATCHS, an Online Consultation service for help and advice on non-urgent healthcare issues.

If you want to get quick health advice for a non-urgent health condition like: Cold or flu like symptoms, mild aches and pains, a sore throat or fatigue, then PATCHS is the best way to do that!

  • You’ll get a consultation with a GP, typically within an hour and without the need to travel to the practice. 
  • You won’t have to wait in telephone line queues. 
  • You can submit requests, at any time of the day or night, this can help you make sure you don’t forget to book later. We will respond to your request within our next opening times. 
  • PATCHS is more than just Online Consultations! You can order repeat prescriptions, request sick notes and check test results. You can also submit requests for someone else you are caring for. 

By using PATCHS, when you are able to, you’ll also be helping to free up phonelines and operators for people who don’t know how to use technology or who don’t have access to online services. Giving everyone quicker care! 

To use PATCHS visit our website at: 

Please do not use PATCHS if you need immediate medical assistance. In an emergency call 999. Fast response times save lives.

How to access PATCHS – Health Care First – YouTube 

You said we did

Last month, we received some comments about our patients struggling to get through to the practice by telephone. Here’s what you’ve said:

“Couldn’t get through, was 75th in a queue!” 

“Hour on phone trying to get an appointment it’s mental”

“The upfront messaging is too long”

We Did

We received an overwhelming demand in calls last month, with over 16.3 thousand calls received. Our team are doing everything we can to address the high volume of calls and to provide the care and attention that each patient deserves. 

We kindly ask for your help by considering the use of our online consultation service PATCHS, which can provide help and advice on non-urgent healthcare issues. This will also free up the telephone for those who don’t have access to online services. 

We have also made changes to our telephone system to make it more user-friendly and accessible, so you can easily navigate to the right department. 

Here are the following options:

  • Press 1 to Cancel an Appointment (Line open 8am -18.00pm)
  • Press 2 to Book an appointment (Line open 8am -18.00pm)
  • Press 3 for Home Visits or Health Care Professionals (Line open 8am -18.00pm)
  • Press 4 for Prescription and Sick note queries. (Line open 10am -14.00pm)
  • Press 5 for Referrals, Insurance and Online Queries. (Line open 9am -17.00pm)
  • or Press star (*) to repeat this message” 

Please share your feedback your experiences with the new telephone system at we look forward to understanding what has worked well and what areas we still need to improve.