Our Core Values

To treat our patients as we would want our family to be treated
Treat our team as we would want to be treated

Strategic Priorities 2022/23


Learning, developing and piloting new and innovative ways of working

Centre of Excellence

Expanding our training offer to become a Centre of Excellence

Digital Enablement

Embedding digital advancements in everyday ways of working

Employer of Choice

Investing in our people, enabling them to grow and develop in line with personal and business objectives

Our Vision

An inspiring, innovative and well run General Practice that puts its community and people at the heart of decision making.

Our Mission

Be the GP provider of choice for our neighbourhood.

Guiding Principles: We are 'ACCE'


We work as one team and we take full responsibility for our patients and for our business, which means we think outside of the box to maximise our resources.


We strive to the be the best, we seek to continually learn, develop and share our knowledge.


We never forget that we are  here to serve and therefore everything we do, we do with compassion and care.


We are trusted to make the right decisions but we are not alone, we ask for help and we support each other every step of the way, always with an element of fun.