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Prescriptions for Period Delay Medications

We understand that dealing with periods while traveling or on holiday can be challenging. However, we will no longer prescribe medications, such as Norethisterone, to delay periods for women and girls traveling or on holiday.

Why Did We Decide This?

While we recognize this service can be helpful, our priority is to maximize the delivery of our core services, which provide essential care. This requires us to continually review our offerings, and sometimes, we must make difficult decisions to stop certain services.

What We Do Offer:

We continue to provide a range of women’s health services, including treatment for menstrual problems like painful or heavy periods. Please contact us if you have any concerns or need assistance.

Other Options That May Help:

Norethisterone and other period delay medications are available over the counter at participating pharmacies. Please visit your local pharmacy, where they can determine if this medication is suitable for you.

For Further Information:

How to delay your period – is it safe to take norethisterone? (