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March 2023 – Patient Newsletter

Need advice from one of our clinicians on non-urgent healthcare issues like:

  • Cold or flu like symptoms.
  • Mild aches and pains
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue

You can use our Online Consultation service for help and advice on non-urgent healthcare issues.

We use a service called PATCHS and this can be accessed by visiting our online consultation room shown in the video below.

Why should you use PATCHS?

  • Getting help quicker from a GP, typically within an hour and without the need for a face to face appointment.
  • No queuing on the telephone lines.
  • You can submit requests, at any time of the day or night. We will respond within our opening hours.
  • PATCHS can be used to manage your health in lots of ways including; ordering prescriptions, booking consultations, requesting sick notes and checking test results. You can also submit requests for someone else you are caring for.
  • If the doctor or nurse decides you need an appointment, they will see you as soon as possible, usually within the same day.

Using PATCHS helps the practice and others!

  • Doctors can see your request further in advance and plan their work more efficiently. This often means they can see more people. 
  • Using PATCHS frees up practice telephone lines for people that cannot use PATCHS, such as people with digital accessibility issues.
  • PATCHS helps us save face-to-face and telephone appointments for patients that really need them.
  • Using PATCHS helps us reduce the risk of spreading diseases like coronavirus to other patients and our staff.

Please do not use PATCHS if you need immediate medical assistance. In an emergency call 999. Fast response times save lives.

Meet our advanced nurse practitioners: Debbie, Alan, Angie, Lyndsey, Annette, Catherine, and Kelly! 

Called ANPs for short, they play a vital role in General Practice. ANPs are highly qualified nurses who work alongside our GPs and are specialists in dealing with acute health issues and minor illnesses like chest, eye and ear infections, rashes and simple skin concerns. 

They have all trained as general nurses for three years followed by five years of post-registration work to qualify them to enter an advanced clinical course at master’s level. The course takes approximately 3 years to complete.

Advanced clinicians work alongside our GPs and practice nurses on site, they all support each other to ensure the RIGHT patient sees the RIGHT clinician. ANP consultations can take place face to face or virtually using a telephone or smart device.

As we are approaching a change in season, we will be having a spring clean of all receptions and waiting rooms but we need your help! 

Whether you’re the next Picasso or just enjoy art, we are looking for some weird and wonderful creations and ideas on how to liven up the receptions and waiting room areas. 

All patients are welcome to email appropriate artwork and pictures to us, the theme is “What does Health Care mean to you?”.

We want to display your fantastic creations in our waiting areas and corridors. This community project is open to children and adults of all ages and we have also invited all the local schools to take part.

We cannot wait to see all your artwork and we’re excited to find out just how creative this community can be.

Please include your name, age (if a child) and a contact email or address. On behalf of the whole practice team, thank you.

Please drop off any artwork at reception for the attention of Elaine or email to

Friends and family feedback for the Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs).

You said 

“I want to be seen by a doctor, not fobbed off with a Nurse.”

We did

We hope you will take the time read the “Meet our Advance Nurse Practitioners” article. All our Advanced Nurse Practitioners are highly qualified and possess unique skillsets. There are instances where our Advanced Nurse Practitioners will be the most appropriate clinician for you to see with your condition, due to their specialisms and experience. 

As the name suggest, drop in clinics are sessions you can attend on an ad-hoc basis where you can communicate with the practice and keep up with the latest developments in your healthcare system. 

These sessions can help you navigate the healthcare system; we discuss topics like online services and how to use the online consultation and appointment booking system. See the table below for our upcoming drop in clinics:

Byram SurgeryTuesday 21st March, 1-3pm
Castleford Health CentreWednesday 19th April, 1-3pm
Beauforth House ClinicThursday 18th May, 1-3pm
Queen StreetThursday 15th June, 1-3pm
Elizabeth Court SurgeryThursday 13th July, 1-3pm
Pinfold SurgeryTuesday 8th August, 1-3pm
Byram SurgeryTuesday 5th September, 1-3pm
Castleford Health CentreWednesday 4th October, 1-3pm
Beauforth House ClinicThursday 2nd November, 1-3pm