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Fear of Flying Sedatives

We understand that fear of flying is a real issue that can significantly impact your life. However, we do not recommend or prescribe sedatives for this condition.

Why Did We Decide This?

Here are several reasons why we chose not to prescribe sedatives for fear of flying:

  1. Safety During Emergencies: Sedatives like Diazepam induce sleepiness and relaxation, which can impair your ability to focus and follow instructions during an emergency, posing risks to both you and others.
  1. Risk of Blood Clots: Sedatives can reduce movement, increasing the risk of dangerous blood clots (DVT) in your legs or lungs, especially on flights longer than four hours.
  1. Potential for Agitation: Some individuals may experience agitation and aggression on sedatives, creating additional risks for you and those around you.
  1. Legal Issues: Diazepam and similar drugs are illegal in some countries. Possession could lead to legal problems or confiscation.
  1. Drug Testing: Diazepam remains in your body for an extended period. If your job requires drug testing, taking Diazepam could result in a failed test.

What we do offer:

We understand that fear of flying is very real and scary. Instead of using sedatives, a better approach is to consider a Fear of Flying course offered by airlines. Here are some options:

For further information:

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