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    You will find this 10 digit number on a repeat prescription or by contacting your current surgery.

    Don't know your NHS Number? Click here to find it.

    Sharing your medical information - your choices

    Health professionals are trained to keep your records secure and to manage them responsibly and in confidence.
    Your GP can now see your medical record held in other health organisations that provide your care e.g. your hospital or health centre. Health professionals e.g. your hospital doctor, district nurse, or physiotherapist treating you can also see your full GP record if you give your permission when they see you.
    Sharing your records benefits you because:
    - You won’t need to repeat your medical history.
    - You avoid unnecessary appointments and tests.
    - Your health professional has the right information at the right time.
    1. Your practice sharing your record with other healthcare organisations

    N.B. Selecting no might delay your treatment or mean repeated tests. Professionals and emergency departments will not have up to date information about you.
    2. GP practice seeing your record from other healthcare organisations

    N.B. Selecting No means that your GP might not have up to date information from other organisations to continue caring for you safely. Mistakes could be made because your information from other organisations is not joined up.