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August 2023 – Patient Newsletter

Bank Holiday Opening Hours

Bank holiday opening

With the Summer bank holiday quickly approaching, we want to inform you of our opening hours during this period.

Our practice will be closed on the Monday, 28th August bank holiday, but we will be open as usual on Friday, 27th August and Tuesday, 31st August.

If you require medical assistance whilst we are closed, please call 111 for non-emergency medical advice or 999 for emergencies.

You can also access medical advice online at: or visit for information about specific conditions.


We encourage you to order any necessary prescriptions ahead of time to ensure you have enough medication to last throughout the bank holiday weekend.

Walk in Centre

For urgent but non-emergency medical assistance like: 

  • sprains and strains
  • suspected broken bones
  • injuries, cuts and bruises
  • wound dressing
  • stomach pain 
  • coughs, colds and breathing problems
  • vomiting and diarrhea 
  • skin infections and rashes
  • high temperature in children and adults
  • mental health concerns

You can visit the Wakefield Walk In Centre at:

King Street Health Centre
47 King Street
West Yorkshire

Get directions (opens in Google Maps)


You may be able to get advice for minor health concerns from a Pharmacy during the bank holiday. You can also get support from a Pharmacy for:

  • emergency contraception
  • asthma inhaler use and advice
  • chlamydia screening and treatment
  • stop smoking services
  • blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar testing
  • substance misuse service, including needle and syringe exchange schemes
  • weight management service

To find a local pharmacy operating on bank holidays visit: 

We hope you have a safe and enjoyable bank holiday weekend. 

Health Care First Flu Vaccines 2023

Health Care First will be offering Flu vaccines as of September 2023. To ensure that everyone who is eligible receives their vaccine, clinics have been arranged at various locations on different dates. House-bound patients will be contacted in September to arrange a home visit.

If you are over 65 years of age or are between 6 months to 65 years of age and are in a clinical risk group, you are eligible to receive the vaccine.

Please do not contact the Surgery about these clinics until you receive an invite. 

You will receive a text message invite with a link to all available appointments, if you have a mobile number on your medical records. 

If you do not have a mobile number, you will receive a letter invite.

House-bound patients will be contacted in September to arrange a home visit.

The clinics are scheduled as follows: 

  • Saturday 16th Sept – Ferrybridge Medical Centre
  • Saturday 23rd Sept -Pinfold Surgery
  • Saturday 30th Sept – Elizabeth Court Surgery
  • Saturday 7th October – Castleford Health Centre
  • Saturday 14th October – Queen Street Surgery

The following clinic is for adults only:

  • Wednesday 27th September – Byram Surgery (adults only)

Please be aware that these are the only clinics that will be available from Health Care First, so please ensure that you attend either a date convenient to you or a surgery site that is convenient to you.

Depending on vaccine availability, those eligible may be offered the COVID booster at the same time. 

Once you have been invited, you may contact the surgery by phone to book your appointment or you can book via the link provided in your text.

We have created a special Flu clinic booking option for those contacting us by telephone. Selecting this option will be quicker than coming through to our main line. This line will be open between 10 am and 2 pm. 

We hope this information is helpful and we look forward to seeing you at one of our Flu clinics.

Alcohol Awareness

Cutting back on alcohol consumption can be a really effective way to; improve your health, boost your energy, lose weight and save money.

It’s recommended to drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week, spread across 3 days or more. 

That’s around 6 medium (175ml) glasses of wine, or 6 pints of 4% beer.

There’s no completely safe level of drinking, but sticking within these guidelines lowers your risk of harming your health. 

Even cutting back just a small amount will help!

Here is some advice, to help you with reducing your drinking:

  • Watch the strength. Choose drinks that are lower in alcohol. Or swap to no or low-alcohol alternatives.
  • Going for drinks is not the only way to see friends and family. Vary your social plans to include non-drinking activities. 
  • Set a budget and stick to that amount. If you are going out, try taking a set amount of money in cash, or set up a spending alert on your card.
  • Avoid taking part in drinks rounds. Being involved in rounds makes it easy to end up drinking more than you intended. 
  • Wait for your evening meal before you have a drink. This will reduce the alcohol effects and decrease the likelihood of excessive drinking in one session.
  • If drinking is a way you handle boredom or stress, try finding an alternative activity. Exercise is a great stress reliever, and simple things like cleaning, a new hobby or DIY can be a good way to occupy the mind and body.

You can find more advice on reducing your alcohol intake at:

The Drink Free Days app can also support you to cut down on your alcohol consumption by helping you plan your drinking, set targets for yourself and reminded you of your commitments. 

If you have more serious concerns about your drinking or the drinking of someone you know, you can get specialist help from Turning Point.

Turning Point offers FREE confidential, non-judgmental support for alcohol related issues. You can refer yourself for support by visiting: 

World Breastfeeding Week

The first week of August 2023 is World Breastfeeding Week. Health Care First wanted to take this opportunity to discuss health and care support available in the community to new mothers and parents.

New mothers can find general advice and guidance on breast feeding by visiting:

The Breast Feeding Network

The Breast Feeding Network also has lots of helpful resources and  groups, which you can find more information about, by visiting:, they also have an online chat service on their website and a telephone helpline available on 0300 100 0212.

Twin Trust

For those who need specific advice on feeding twins, the Twin Trust has a set of helpful resource here:


For parent with a child born premature or unwell, the charity, Bliss, offers quality, specialised support to parents in these circumstances, including feeding support. You can get in touch with them via email at: or call: 020 7378 1122 or visit their website at: 

Wakefield Families Together

Wakefield Families Together provided community-based support for families. 

You can find your local family hub community center and its contact details by visiting

Wakefield Council 

Wakefield Council offer a number of support resources for parents, including; children’s health advice, parenting courses, childcare availability and activity planning. You access this support by visiting: 

Wakefield Early Support, Advice, Information and Liaison

This organization offers specialised support for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. 

You can get in touch with them via telephone on: 01924 965588 or via email at: Or visit their website at:

Community Wakefield 

The Community Wakefield website has links to lots of local services, activities, courses and events, covering all the Wakefield districts. Visit to take a look at what’s on.

Cash Wise

Get support with finances and budgeting from Cash Wise. Visit for more info.